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We’ll Care for Your Companion While You’re Away

Whether you need to travel out of town or you just want a few days to yourself, we can help. At K9 Nation Louisiana, we treat your dog just like it’s our own. Our boarding building is climate-controlled, and your precious pooch will be living the luxury life inside a huge, 6×5 kennel with plenty of room to romp around and play. We take precautions to keep your dog safe and happy at all costs. Additionally, we provide a huge play yard with equipment for your dog to play and exercise while you’re gone. From carpetmills and slatmills to treadmills and sleds, your beloved companion will have plenty of equipment to climb on and jump over. We will ensure your dog is both physically and emotionally happy while in our care.


When you need to board your dog, for whatever reason, it’s not always an easy thing – for you or your dog. This can be especially true if your dog has never been boarded before. To make the process easier, you can come check out our boarding facilities ahead of time, walk through at your own pace, ask questions, and express any concerns that you might have. We can walk you through how your pet will be cared for, exercised, fed, housed, and more. We’ll make sure we answer every question and address every concern upfront, so you never have reason to worry while you’re away.



At K9 Nation Louisiana, we understand that your dog is an important part of your family. When you board your furry friend with us, they become a part of our family, too. While you’re away, we want you to rest assured that your pet is in the best of care. It’s your time to sit back, relax, and enjoy, while we handle the rest! Put your mind at ease with you put your precious pooch in our care. Young or old, big or small, we can board your four-legged friend while ensuring the experience is the best it can be for both of you. To learn more about our boarding services, call today.

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