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Puppy Consult

Are you looking at getting a new puppy or dog? From a breeder or from a rescue?

There are numerous things to consider when you and your family are getting a dog or puppy.

What to Consider
When Choosing a Puppy

 What Breed? How much exercise will they need? Are there health concerns? How easy or difficult is that breed to live with? Are they child-friendly etc.? If you are rescuing a dog, please consider me or another trained professional to help you evaluate the dog you are considering. I  see numerous rescue dogs go from home to home, and the dog gets continually worse. Many people don’t know when picking out their potential dog from the rescue: what is the dogs’ body language saying, what are the reasons for rehoming the dog, and is it a resource guarder? How does the dog tolerate children or unfamiliar people?  

What it Entails

For a puppy consult, I will dive in and ask hard questions and guide you through the process of picking your puppy. Helping you to locate a reputable breeder and make sure they do the early neurological stimulation with that puppy so when it comes to you, the puppy is prepared, and you are ready. I  have friends and contacts all over the country and the world who I'm connected to that breed high-quality dogs of many different breeds. We will discuss the things you will need to welcome that puppy into your life and make the transition easier. If you choose to adopt from a shelter, I  will go with you and evaluate the puppy/dog and help you make an informed decision. So often, when it comes to choosing a dog, we let emotion or aesthetics guide our decision. Nothing could be worse….  It is beautiful when the right dog is matched to the right person or family. Give me a call, and we will discuss what this process looks like. 

Socialization 101

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